We believe that the best test of the quality of a business is the testimony of past and current customers.  Below are some testimonials from past and current students and renters.  They are our best example of our commitment to excellence.
Tim Rice
Student from 09/2009-Present
certificates / ratings obtained: private pilot asel, high performance and complex endorsements, instrument asel (pending)
I first started working with Peak Aviation in September of 2009. At that time I was working on earning my Private Pilot Certificate. I have since earned my Private, my Complex airplane endorsement, and my 
High Performance airplane endorsement with them. I have also taken the Mountain Flying class they 
offer. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who likes to fly; it was a lot of fun.  I am currently 
working on my Instrument rating and hope to have that completed in the next 30 to 60 days.
Everyone that I have worked with at Peak Aviation has been courteous, and professional in their dealings with me. Most importantly they are very thorough and organized in their training methods. I feel that every instructor I have worked with has been highly skilled in their trade. Peak Aviation does not just train you to pass the practical test. They train you to be a safe pilot.  
I have a brother and a couple of friends who are pilots. As all pilots and prospective pilots know we love 
to talk about flying. As I have discussed my training with my brother and friends, they have on more than 
on occasion remarked to me, that my training is much more thorough than the training they 
received. The training has not always been easy, however I feel I have been well trained, and that I am prepared to safely pilot my own aircraft. I would highly recommend without reservation Peak Aviation 
to anyone interested in becoming a pilot.
Paul Qualls
Student from: 03/2010-02/2011, Current Renter
certificates / ratings obtained: private pilot asel
I have been training with Peak Aviation since March of 2010. During that time I have had a great opportunity to learn. I not only learned about how to fly, but how to be a good pilot. While I did have a primary flight instructor that I worked with, I took several opportunities to fly with other instructors at Peak to gather unique perspectives from their own training style. I not only enjoyed my flight training, but looked forward to each and every lesson as I got closer and closer to my checkride.
When I did finally take my checkride, the feeling that I had picked the right flight training was capped off with a comment from the Flight Examiner who told me something to the effect of "all of you folks that train with Peak do really well on your checkrides" Note that this was told to me after I had passed.
I want to mention that while getting my Private Pilot certification was my initial goal of working with Peak, I had not realized until after I started flying with them that they are an awesome contributor to the community. They have programs that teach at risk teens about flying. They fly service members and families on flights with the "Wounded Warrior" program. They have taken part in flying survivors of the "Komen for the Cure" participants. I can only feel that it is an honor to even be able to in the same company with a group that gives so much back. I have become personal friends with some of these kids in the "High hopes for Teens". I am certain that Peak Aviation's participation in these kids lives may well have been a turning point for the better.
While I did earn my Private Pilot certification at Peak, I will always consider myself a student there.. a student of flying as well as of life.
Pete Rauch
Student from: 01/2010-02/2011, Current Renter
certificates / ratings obtained: private pilot asel, instrument rating
Peak Aviation has been a breath of fresh air.  Their willingness to serve me as a customer has proved unmatched.  I’ve had the opportunity to rent airplanes and get training from other companies in different parts of the country; however, the service and training provided by Peak is far superior to others I’ve experienced.  Their airplanes are well maintained, safe and fully operational.  Their instructors are highly competent and well able to thoroughly educate beginners and experienced pilots.
When I began my training I knew nothing about airplanes except that they were at the airport.  Peak Aviation was successful in educating me from knowing nothing to becoming an Instrument Rated Private Pilot.  I will soon begin working on the Commercial Pilot Rating with Peak.
Thank you Peak Aviation for all of your hard work and dedication to meeting me at my level and helping me achieve my goals as a pilot.
Douglas Bohnert
Student from: 05/2010-Present, Current Renter
certificates / ratings obtained: instrument rating, high performance and complex endorsements, commercial pilot asel and amel, cfi amel
In Colorado Springs there is only one good place to get Flight Instruction (Yes I’ve tried them all), and that is Peak Aviation Center. Not only do they provide quality equipment at affordable rates, they also have the best variety of equipment and the best instructional staff available. Even other Flight Schools locally will admit this. There is no one close to the quality and expertise this school offers. 
As I have learned from flying with other pilots who learned there flying skills from other schools, I find that in most cases my skills and knowledge exceed those of other pilots who learned at other schools. This is due only to the fact that I had great instructors who taught me to never settle for “close enough”, but to do it right every time without  excuses. When the FAA gave me my instrument checkride, the examiner quietly admitted that he knew I was more than ready for the check because of the instructional staff at Peak. 
As I continue my career in aviation, I will always strive for perfection and will be ever vigilant and ready for any situation that aviation offers because of the instruction at Peak Aviation. The staff at Peak will give a foundation upon which anyone can build on, and become a pilot other pilots will envy and try to emulate.
My sincerest appreciation and gratitude to this school for giving me the tools I need to become a great aviator.
Richard Free
Mountain Student in 04/2010
certificates / ratings obtained: mountain training
Just wanted to tell you that I had a very good time flying with Peak Aviation. Bill at the Cutter desk is the most friendly and helpful.  John, my instructor, made me feel very comfortable during my mountain training.  He is very thorough and knowledgable (sic).  Make sure to thank him again for the turbulance (sic) training. 
I told my instructor back here in Wichita about my mountain flying and he wants to fly his C195 to the Springs and have John show him how to fly it into Del (Norte) airport as this is where my instructor has a cabin. 
Very friendly and professional staff at Peak Aviation.  Keep up the good work.  My cousin thought the ground crew was friendly and funny.  Hope to fly with Peak again.  Thank you. 


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